in Manhattan

Join Lilith as she explores her sexual desires, experiences moving encounters, and rediscovers her sense of self.

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Finding herself single in her forties after making the move to New York, or more accurately, suburban New York, Lilith feels trapped. This wasn’t the life she’d envisaged for herself.

Until something started to shift.

With a newly found sex drive, fresh from ditching the pill (and her inhibitions), Lilith discovers a part of herself that has been suppressed for far too long.

But is hooking up with half of Manhattan the answer to all her problems or are there more pieces to the jigsaw she needs to find…?

Meet The Authors

Saoirse Cussane is a certified life and sexual wellbeing coach who focuses her practice on helping women (re)connect to and enhance their sexual wants, needs and desires. Manhunting in Manhattan is Saoirse’s first novel with Troubador Publishing and is inspired by real life events. She lives in London.

Amy Killingbeck is a ghostwriter and copywriter who focuses on trailblazing stories and change-making people. Manhunting in Manhattan is the first novel she has co-written – a journey that began as a ghost-writing project but became so much more than that. She lives in a small Lancashire village.